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Dinahs Dolls Barbie Dress Pink

Summer days have arrived, time for new summer frocks! This beautiful coral pink vintage silk is a real favourite of mine. Isn’t the colour amazing? It’s a very retro summer shade. I knew it would look great with a contrasting colour, it would really make it pop.

Dinahs Dolls Barbie Dress Pink

This design is based on a late 50s early 60s look, fitted sleeveless bodice with an A-Line skirt. I thought a contrasting pleat in each side of the skirt would really add some interest and it’s such a vintage feature too.

Dinahs Dolls Barbie Dress Pink

Here is full length shot of the dress so you can see the contrast pleat. It’s made from vintage raw silk too, so it matches the weight and handle of the dress fabric.

Dinahs Dolls Barbie Clothes Pink

Tiny bows adorn the top of the pleats at hip level. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I do love a tiny bow!

Barbie Clothes Pink Dinahs Dolls

I think this dress is a good addition for a summer wardrobe, even better, a summer tourist wardrobe. It’s important to look good when visiting the old cathedrals of Europe, yes?

Barbie Clothes Pink by Dinahs Dolls

Barbie Dress Pink by Dinahs Dolls

This dress is available in my boutique too, click here to visit my Etsy shop!

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