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New Season, New Fashion! It’s time to update your Barbie wardrobe with a new Dinah’s Dolls Original, I’ve been busy in my Atelier so let’s have a quick look at some of the new designs for Summer.

Something fresh and chic for a walk in the park, a white and black wiggle dress in vintage duchess satin and taffeta.

Dinahs Doll Clothes White DressDinahs Doll Clothes White Barbie Dress

Visiting the Grand Palaces of Austria? Then it’s got to be vintage gold silk  and a 1950s full skirt dress with front ruffles, finished with tiny buttons and a tiny neckline bow.

Be photo ready for a tour of the Irish coast in this navy and white striped cotton summer dress with tiny button detail, and full skirt.


There’s lots more new Dinah’s Dolls Originals to come, so please visit again soon!

You can view my full collection of  Barbie Clothes here on Etsy!


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