Country Girl

Fresh for Barbie for Summer 2020: bright gingham and vintage lace.

Vintage Barbie wearing a green gingham dress with vintage white lace trim
Country Girl

Well Summer is here! Wind, rain, cold, and did I say rain? Yep, it’s been kinda miserable. Not really summer dress weather today, but a girl can dream, right? I think I need a bit of cheering up, how about a new Barbie dress!

Say hello to a new model and a new Dinah’s Dolls Original!

In the courtyard

This 1950s inspired Barbie dress is made from the finest green and white crisp cotton gingham. A boat neckline edged with vintage cotton lace sits atop the fitted bodice. You all know I love tiny bows, so how about finishing off the bodice with two little bows on the shoulders.

Vintage Barbie wearing a green check dress with vintage white lace trim
By the castle

I based this on a 1950s Dior silhouette, so that calls for a full skirt, which is gathered into the tiny waist. Finishing it all off is a white ribbon belt and buckle. There’s a nice fine ribbon tim at the edge of the skirt too, you can just see a hint in the photo below.

Vintage Barbie wearing a green gingham dress with vintage white lace trim
Summer Barbie
barbie dress in the making
Cutting Out Little Dresses

I thought I’d add in a behind the scenes photo, I usually make a pattern for each new design, in pink of course! I have lots more new designs to share with you, so stay tuned!

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