New Year, New Collection!

Happy New Year!

New Year means a New Collection, and I’ve been busy working on creating new Dinah’s Dolls Originals for Spring Summer 2018, here’s a quick sneak peak of what is to come.

This fabric is a vintage woven patterned silk in a burnished gold colour, with black details. I thought it was very 1960s, I’m thinking Elizabeth Taylor Butterfield 8 era. It’s my favourite silhouette, fitted bodice and skirt; a ‘wiggle’ dress, with bracelet length sleeves.

I took the photos in Bavaria, it’s so beautiful, aren’t those snowcapped mountains fantastic?


Here’s the bodice in more detail, and I’ve included a little belt with a gold buckle too.

I really love tiny buckles.



I’ll be adding my new collection to my Etsy shop soon and there’s lots more to come, so stay tuned!




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