Ski Bunnies


Snow in the Dublin Mountains so time to set out for the slopes…


Baby Blue wool ski jacket with fur lined hood and embroidery detail.


Blue, Red and White stripe hooded ski top, skis and sunglasses.


It was a beautiful day, perfect conditions, but roads were a little icy.


Roads around Sally Gap were starting to get treacherous and we had to turn back at one point, but eventually we did get to the best snow…



When I was making the fur trimmed blue jacket I was thinking about the Isaac Mizrahi movie Unzipped, I love that movie, especially when he talks about the influences for his collection: Nanook of the North (Fur Pants!)

and Call of the Wild, 

or as he puts it ’50s Cheesecake meets Eskimo’!










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  1. My friend recently inherited a lot from her parents. Not only did she get their house but she was able to find a 1960’s vintage doll and started to let her daughter play with it and all of it’s accessories. I advised her that she needed to not do that and go and see an appraisal management for the house and an antiques appraisal place for the doll. What would you suggest about playing with vintage dolls?

    1. I would advise her to get it checked out, as it all depends on the condition of the doll and accessories, and how rare it is, etc. Maybe check Ebay for similar dolls and take it from there!

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