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Silkstone Barbie in a Queen Elizabeth gold silk gown with gold trim and white ruff.

Queen Barbie I

If you read my last blog post, I was all over The Favourite, even making a Barbie dress fit for a 18th Century Queen. So of course I just had to check out Mary Queen of Scots too. Well, it looks like I’m definitely on a roll, because this time Barbie has gone back to the 16th Century!

Mary Queen of Scots, starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie is another beautiful historical extravaganza…the sets, the costumes…it’s visually stunning. Oscar winning designer Alexandra Byrne created the costumes and they are exquisite. (And she’s just received another Oscar nomination for this movie) Again, I started thinking about making some royal couture for Barbie….

Queen Elizabeth

I started by researching a lot of 16th Century fashion and I decided to make a gown fit for a Queen – well, Queen Elizabeth to be exact.

This beautiful vintage gold silk fabric with a woven pattern of a fleur de lys looked perfect for a monarch. However, I discovered the pattern has more connections to Scottish and French monarchy than the English Tudor royals. But I thought it was just too fabulous not to use.

The gold trim I sourced a few years ago – it’s made from metal thread used for goldwork embroidery and it’s surprisingly heavy, but spot on for a regal gown.

The bodice and skirt are separate pieces. The bodice is quite fitted, corset style, with full sleeves that taper into vintage lace cuffs and the full skirt is pleated into a waistband. I even made a petticoat with a bum roll to give the skirt the proper shape. It makes the skirt sit out nicely from the body and really makes the waist look tiny!

The ruff was the most fun to make, I’ve never made anything quite like this before! I made a wire collar and stitched on the grosgrain ribbon ruff by hand. Grosgrain ribbon has enough body to sit well in tiny pleats.

A gold chain, pearls and a cameo brooch give the gown the final touches.

Well, the final touch would be a crown, but I don’t come across those very often. So I added in a headband of pearls instead; I think the Queen would approve.

If you haven’t seen the movie, check out the trailer below and swoon at the fabulous Oscar nominated costumes….

This project really enhanced my appreciation of historical clothing, I’ll definitely be creating more Barbie couture with a historical twist!!

Stay tuned…..

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