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Yacht Party

Barbie Vintage handmade dress

Barbie vintage style turquoise dress

Barbie’s Vacation Fashion

Today I’m reminiscing about my sunny summer holidays by the sea, because it’s dark this  afternoon and the weather is cold and wet! So I guess no better day to share these photos of a new Dinah’s Dolls creation, and this is the first of many new Barbie dresses to come.

Off we went to Mallorca and it was the perfect backdrop for some 1950s inspired Barbie couture, with palm trees, beaches and yachts. Oh how I would love to be there today!

The inspiration

Before I went on holiday I finished reading  ‘Dressing Marilyn’ by Andrew Hansford. It’s all about her film costumes designed by William Travilla, his creations for Seven Year Itch were really iconic. This little frock caught my eye because the neckline detail is one my favourites:

Marilyn had insisted that all of her costumes be skin tight and often had to be sewn into her dresses! Va Va Voom!

Travilla’s creations are so beautiful and inspirational, so I knew I just had to design a new dress for Barbie with a nod to Marilyn’s wardrobe.

The Barbie Dress

One of my prized fabrics is this beautiful vintage turquoise silk, it’s really light and sews beautifully. I thought it would just be perfect for a fitted wiggle dress for Barbie, especially for a summery sunny location.

This Barbie dress has a very fitted lined bodice, with thin straps crossed at the neckline.

The skirt is tight fitting too, and I put tiny pleats at the waist give it a little bit of detail. It also gives the skirt has a nice tulip shape too.

The itty bitty matching turquoise belt with matching buckle finish it all off. I love matching buckles to the colour of a dress – such a cool retro accessory! And doesn’t it make the waist look good too?

The fabric colour is so vibrant but yet I think it really suits a summer dress!

And perfect for that party on the yacht too……


Till next time,







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