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Sightseeing in Portugal

Dinahs Dolls White Vintage Barbie Dress

Time for a new Barbie Dress

Holiday time for Barbie and this time it’s Portugal, in fabulous sunshine. We stumbled upon this old Church and Monastery in Coimbre, and I knew it was just the most excellent spot for some photos of a new Dinah’s Dolls Original.

This dress is made from an exquisite vintage off white raw silk. The lined panelled bodice has a sweetheart neckline, and is very fitted. The skirt is full circle, also lined, and a frilled petticoat gives it a kick.

The bow is made from taffeta…I wanted a big oversized bow to emphasize the big skirt and tiny waist, and taffeta is perfect for holding a shape like this.

Aren’t the cloisters fabulous?

The backgrounds reminded me of an old film noir……. I think it would have been the perfect location for a Hitchcock style thriller!! With this dress as the perfect costume for the femme fatale of course……

So till next time….





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