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Barbie The Icon Exhibition


Look what I found in Bologna! Barbie The Icon exhibition! WOW! I just had to share some of these amazing images with you. Basically there was every Barbie Doll ever in the exhibition. The 1950s Barbie Dolls were my favourites, the clothes were AMAZING!!

The dolls were arranged in chronological order so the exhibition started with the first Barbie dolls with some really dainty accessories too- look at the hat box, so stylish!

Great hair too, an original bubblecut….

And wigs!!

Some fab and groovy 60s dolls….

I loved this doll, she reminded me of Stevie Nicks.

The Irish Barbie Doll…!!

Bob Mackie. Had to include this.

The Silkstone Barbie Collection was just fabulous, what a beautiful and amazing evening gown. The quality of these dolls and their wardrobe was just beautiful.

And Dior… J’adore Dior. J’adior.

Astronaut Barbie!

I hope you enjoyed these amazing clothes from the exhibition as much as I did!



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